Chant Thomas and fellow Deep Travelers on a workshop with Dot Fisher-Smith in Morocco


As Deep Travel continues to build an anthology of work by our wonderful workshop alumni, we are excited to share some of the work here on our blog. This time, we have four haiku by Chant Thomas, who joined a workshop in Morocco. You’ll be able to read this and work by over 40 contributors in the finished anthology in August. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy….

Traveling Haiku on the Road in Morocco

by Chant Thomas


Doors open. Doors close,

sometimes with hand on the knob.

Open book. Turn the page.


On the road again.

Push the boundaries beyond.

Expand horizons.


Depart, then arrive.

Settle into a new place.

Start again. Repeat.


Clouds obscure the view.

Watch for what transpires behind

that which appears. Look!


CHANT THOMAS: Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Chant Thomas has spent most of his life choosing adventure, homesteading in a wilderness canyon in the Siskiyou Mountains, working for conservation of wildlands, forests, mountains, and rivers. His writing ranges from scientific papers, conservation advocacy and short stories, to poetry and travel. Chant earned an M.S. in Environmental Education from the Biology Department of Southern Oregon University. He founded Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs, a university-accredited curriculum training Earth Activists, Earth Scientists and Earth Stewards. For twenty years, he operated Siskiyou Llama Expeditions, conducting recreational and educational wilderness treks in the State of Jefferson. Chant, with his wife Susanna, hosted an Orion SocietyForgotten Language on their wilderness ranch in 1998. Currently writing his first book, Chant and Susanna divide their time between the wilds of Oregon, New Mexico and the Pacific coast of southern Baja, living simply, immersed in Nature.

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