There is something about a mid-morning writing session on the beach with surf as your soundtrack and Tim Cahill as your guide. As we like to say, the Deep Travel Mexico writing retreat is like summer camp for writers—but in January! Lisa Boice has been coming since our first trip. We are happy to feature a vignette she wrote for one of Tim’s assignments, which was to write about something that creates emotion. Lisa went with humor, and we’re smiling at the results! Buen provecho!


The Intruder

By Lisa Boice

Something assaulted my avocado.

There were no scraps left behind. The only evidence of the intruder was a crater 2 1/2 inches in diameter, shaped like a whimsical flower with scallops. A clue, I thought. The sunken crater showed long gashes—teeth marks—in its yellow-green flesh, as if leaving a hundred tick marks for me to count. The dark brown pit was visible, so whoever it was must have stopped there.

The bumpy tar-like peel should have been a barrier—a security. But in an open-air casa there’s an open invitation to everything.

Still, intruder—whoever you are—it was my breakfast you ate.

(In case you’re wondering, the mystery was solved: The intruder was a Yellow-winged Cacique. One of the many birds found in this part of Mexico.)


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