Hudson opting out of a photo-op.  (Moulay Idriss, Morocco)

Hudson Lindenberger came with us on our Deep Travel Morocco trip last March for a writing workshop led by Tim Cahill. A freelance writer from Boulder, Colorado, Hudson is now residing for a year in Lyon, France. He writes, “Diving into the deep end of the pool is scary at first, until you realize how much fun it is. Then you can’t stop.”

His characteristic humor is on display in this account of diving into the local hammam in the Middle Atlas town of Moulay Idriss. This story is published in one of our favorite online travel mags, Hidden Compass. Here is an excerpt:

Scalded, Sanded, and Smeared

This place should come with a warning sticker. You know, like the advisories on the outside of certain compact disc cases: “Explicit content.” A sign that says “Fat, Middle-Aged, Pasty Guys: Beware” would suffice.

Come to think of it, maybe that was what was written on the fading, peeling sign I passed on my way in. Unfortunately, I can’t read Arabic…

Continue reading at Hidden Compass.

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