We gain a lot from the places we travel: hospitality, new vistas, beauty, insight and inspiration for our art. Deep Travel likes to return the goodness, so we support projects in all of our destinations. One of our favorites is the donkeys of Morocco.

You may question why we would spend resources on donkeys, but in Morocco these four-legged are the main source of transport, delivering building supplies, groceries, and propane around the car-free medinas. So in a very direct way, healthy donkeys equal a healthy economy.

A couple of years ago, we started participating in “Donkey Day.” Started by Rose Button (who owns the comfy Dar Zerhoune in Moulay Idriss), Donkey Day is a veterinary clinic held once a month in the town of Moulay Idriss. Vet techs from Fez come in for the morning and treat all the wounds and ailments of the local donkeys free of charge.

One of our Deep Travelers, Marsha Dalton, was so inspired by Donkey Day that she ended up writing a song about it. The lyrics are super clever! Enjoy it here!

IMG_1463.JPGMarsha didn’t feel well one day while we were walking through the Fez medina. A nice man offered her a ride in the cart. You’d never know from the look on her face in this photo that she wasn’t feeling well!

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DT Mexico 2018A PC Front Dot postcard.jpg

DT Spain 2018_PC5  DTM_2018_PC Front


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