Liz-9                                                                                               photo by Ian Tuttle

Liz was a dynamic addition to our Deep Travel Morocco trip with Tim Cahill last year. We love this photo of her by Ian Tuttle, our photographer-friend who set out to take 100 portraits.

Liz began as a daily news editor and earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, focused on international reporting and new media. She has been published in the BBC, AFAR magazine, GeoEx and other publications. She’s definitely a pro, but still found a lot of value in Tim Cahill’s instruction:

“During Tim Cahill’s workshop in Morocco I was reminded of the essential tasks every writer should consider as they prepare for great writing — mainly taking “copious notes” and being keenly aware of how all of your senses are experiencing the new world you are discovering. I use what I’ve learned from Tim for almost every story I write. He’s inspiring and so much fun to spend a few days with.”

Liz has trekked in Nepal, interviewed artists in Burma, and explored monasteries in India. She loves being in new places and in a few months is moving to Florence, Italy. She’s open to whatever unfolds there. “I feel most alive when I am surrounded by the unfamiliar,” she writes.


You can see her work here.





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