We love it when our Deep Travel friends get their work out into the world though publishing. Nothing pays a more lasting tribute to our adventures than our photos, words, and sketches gathered together in one place. This anthology, edited by Erin Byrne, features several Morocco-inspired pieces from artists who have joined us on our journeys. The book is a Foreword Independent Book of the Year winner!

Here is an overview:

As the chergui (desert wind) whips reality into fantasy and the perpetually full tea glass caresses its minty bouquet, from Casablanca to Tangier, from the crush of Marrakech to the ethereal solitude of the Sahara, from a rose festival in the countryside to a betrothal fair high in the Atlas Mountains, in alleyways and on rooftops, in the souks and on plains scattered with ruins, we invite readers to join us as we rotate in a dervish-dance with Morocco.

Thirty-three stories and poems – written by Suzanna Clarke (A House in Fez), Jeff Greenwald, Michael Chabon, Phil Cousineau, Paul Bowles and others-vibrate inside this book, tales of quests and mysteries, of traditions and memory and wisdom that seek the ancient and celebrate the exotic in Morocco. Photos by Omar Chennafi, Siddharth Gupta, sketches by Anna Elkins.

View the trailer here.

Order the book here.

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